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RedSeal Network Security

RedSeal provides unique topology security platform that gives you real-time view of your infrastructure exposures and security risk.

  • Actionable intelligence so you can prevent cyber-attacks.
  • Meet the challenges of managing complex networks, which includes visualization, compliance and protection.
  • Visualize the complete security infrastructure including devices, subnets, and key assets (DMZ, datacenter, Internet, intranet)
  • Provides a confident “risk score” for your network, by visualize the complete security infrastructure and by building a risk Map of every device on the network.
  • Cisco Systems calculated that it would take a “super-human” network analyst four years to complete the analysis RedSeal performed in a few hours.

GeoQlik Mapping

GeoQlik is an intuitive and powerful professional GIS component for QlikView BI tool. GeoQlik enables you to easily “geo-analyze” your business data and indicators on dynamic maps integrated at the heart of your QlikView documents.

  • Makes Geo-decisional within the reach of every organization, giving meaning to their data and providing them with persuasive and valuable information displayed on a map.
  • Seamlessly integrated into QlikView documents
  • Automatic and unlimited drill down
  • The only true mapping component for QlikView
  • Enables batch geocoding as well as geocoding on the fly
  • Type-and-find search
  •

Omnibus Integration Platform

Omnibus plug-in architecture communicates with all different vendor type; individual best-of-breed application development tools by connected through adapters for fast and productive time to value.

  • "Single Truth" management reporting with multi tools data in a single global repository
  • Productivity enhancement and improved time to release is up to 25%.
  • Omnibus eliminates the dependency and cost of doing business with only one single vendor
  • Opens the door to buy best-of breed tools that makes it looks like there from a single manufacturer
  • Mapping and Traceability of deliverables across the entire Software Development Lifecycle enhancing productivity by reducing confusion and reductions in meetings, and phones calls
  • Seamless synchronization flow of artifacts in real-time from one stage of development to the other for speeding up cycle times

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Established in 1996, Infodat International, Inc. provides engineering and automation customization and support, custom application development, and data management and security solutions. We are a National Instruments Certified Alliance Partner in Engineering and Automation Systems Integration. We’ve been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2003.


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